Socso schedule download

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Socso schedule

Checklist; Erraneous contribution payment schedule (PKSK50A). Application contribution refund report. Application for refund of contribution (PKSK50). The rate of contribution under this category comprises % of employer's share and % of employees' monthly wages according to the contribution schedule. SOCSO'S Monthly Benefit Payment For Sorry, there are no translations available for this page. tarikh bayaran faedah PrintEmail. Publications.

A company is required to contribute SOCSO for its staff/workers according to the SOCSO Contribution Table & Rates as determined by the Act. The company will. Hi everyone, Please find the Malaysia SOCSO rate of contibutions as follow . Hope it helps your company! Sign up for a free trial of. Global Payroll for Malaysia enables you to make SOCSO contributions on behalf of employers and Each scheme is linked to a different contribution schedule.

RM. RM. RM. RM. RM. 1. Wages up to. 30/-. When wages exceed. 30/-. 2. but not. 50/-. When wages exceed. 50/-. 3. 3 Langkah Mudah Untuk membayar SOCSO & SIP Anda Atas Talian Lokasi Kami. IBU PEJABAT SOCSO PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL MALAYSIA. monthly basis using the schedule, formula, approved vendor software or PCB & Employee Tax Issues and EPF & SOCSO Acts.