Walking stickman animation download

2012 Oct 02 By Dirisar 0 comment

Walking stickman animation

A little animation I drew in Scratch by hand of a walking stickman. I looked at some other ones online and I think this one is pretty good.:D. Walking Stickman on Scratch by smiley_cat. Walking Stickman: The 3 (Fall Edition) by legocreatorkid. Walking Stickman random place by. Wow! This is like, the fastest I have made an animation ever! This took me like, 8 minutes! wow If you have not seen my projects before, please see some more.

An all purpose animation of a stick man/stick figure walking (and getting hit by a big boulder) but there's a very good walking animation within. A tutorial on character animation in Flash that teaches you how to create a walking stickman or stick figure. You'll also learn how to mulilate him and create blood.